BOOKS 2015.

hello december, the month of all wrap-ups of the year. let’s do one with the books i’ve read this year? yes? yes. so, at the beginning of the year, i decided to read at least one book every month. and at the moment, i’m on my twelfth one, so that worked out well!


bergsprängardottern som exploderade is a swedish “biography novel” (what does this even mean?) by lo kauppi. it’s a very heavy and tragic story about lo’s child and teenage years around drugs, alcohol, abusive parents and eating disorders. it’s so so sad. i don’t know what’s true or not, but you know .. still.


i liked the story of this book but i HATED the way this one (me before you by jojo moyes) was translated to swedish. it really ruined the whole reading experience. unfortunately. people REALLY hyped it before i read it, which maybe also ruined it?


I LOVED THIS ONE. I LOVED IT. as opposed to the book above, in this one the story was not any special — it was the language. it really grabbed me and shook me. i read the entire book and then immediately scrolled to the beginning to read it again.

→ i have also written a separate post for these three books here (it’s in swedish, but click the translation link in the sidebar menu).


so, this was my first ever kurt vonnegut book i read. i’m not sure what to feel about it, the story was really trippy and weird but what i really enjoyed was his MASSIVE criticism on american society. very amusing (and a little sad).


after being totally mesmerized by the fault in our stars, i jumped on the next john green novel. looking for alaska was lovely too, but not as much. a kind-of-boring first half, and a beautiful second half.


this junkfood-for-the-brain book about zlatan was like the only book that i hadn’t read yet that i had at home. it was, errh …. a book about zlatan.

→ separate post (also in swedish) about these three books in greater detail can be found here.


this year, i have learned SO MUCH about introverts and extroverts. for all you out there who aren’t really clear on this, like read a book or research it!!! i thought i knew what i was talking about, but i was really wrong. it’s so interesting and complex. this one really helped me with A LOT of insights.


after reading the zlatan book and introvert, which were the only books me and jens had brought to hawaii, we were out of litterature. i went through the cupboards of our airbnb house and found this one. it was so boring, i don’t even remember anything from it. oh well.


this little book is not really a book, but more of a compilation of, yeah, what i the title says — advice. george lois is an old ad man, and since i’m going into the advertising industry, i thought i’d check it out. simple and funny.

→ separate post about these three here!


oh god oh god. this might have been the book (alongside the fault in our stars) that struck me absolutely hardest this year. it’s about an on-and-off relationship-kind of thing-ish where this guy hugo treats the girl, ester, just like shit. but in a very subtle way. i could only read a couple of pages every time, because it HURT SO MUCH.

→ and of course i had to write an entire post about this absolutely hurtfully fantastic book here.


the only (what?) murakami book i read this year was after the quake, a couple of short stories about the kobe earthquake (and about all other weird murakami stuff going on as always). it was cute. not as strong as some of his other ones.

→ have written a little paragraph about it in the beginning of this post.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.07.49 AM

sorry for breaking the hand-holding-book pattern here, but i’m reading this last one on my computer. it’s short stories by miranda july! i really like her low-key feminist writing. very human, very interesting. very weird.

that’s all for this year! twelve months, twelve books. very convenient. so looking forward to reading new books next year. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR BEST TIPS!


mitt nyårslöfte-ish var att läsa en bok i månaden minst i år. det gjorde jag precis, läser den tolfte prick nu! här är alla jag läst i år (plus länkar till inlägg jag skrivit specifikt om de böckerna).

the fault in our stars av john green (förr eller senare exploderar jag på svenska alltså) och lena anderssons egenmäktigt förfarande var helt klart årets bästa. sådär så det gör ont inuti alltså.

ser så himla mycket fram emot nästa års läsande. kan ni inte ge mig nåt boktips ni har på lager??

10 thoughts on “BOOKS 2015.

  1. Honey says:

    Snabb rättning: “The fault in our stars” heter “Förr eller senare exploderar jag” på svenska (men “Här ligger jag och blöder” är också en högst läsvärd bok!). Det är svårt för de andra John Green-böckerna att komma upp i samma nivå som den tycker jag, men den jag tycker har varit näst bäst hittills är “An abundance of Katherines”. Om du skulle vilja testa en till.
    Och Linus Jonkmans Introvert-bok alltså…den är så himla bra! Jag sträckläste den och kände verkligen “Men…det här är ju jag! Det är precis så här det är!”. Försökte mig på Susan Cain – Quiet efter det, men blev tyvärr inte alls lika wow:ad.

    • Vicky says:

      honey: men ja, tack! tänkte att det kändes lite konstigt när jag skrev “här ligger jag och blöder”…har ändrat nu! har aldrig hört talas om den john green-boken, ska definitivt kolla upp den. tack!
      m: bara läst hey dolly! får kika på mer av henne.
      :): tack!
      synnøve: aldrig hört talas om mino. tack för tips!
      christin: tre under ditt hetsiga år! så bra jobbat ju. och tack för tips!

  2. M says:

    Jag tycker så himla mycket om Amanda Svenssons böcker, som om du inte läst något av henne gör det!
    Och Kristian Lundbergs – Yarden & Och allt skall vara kärlek.

  3. Synnøve says:

    ooh, den introvert-boka ser spennande ut! dei beste bøkene eg har lest i år er Mino-trilogien av Gert Nygårdshaug. Er ganske sikker på at dei er oversatt til svensk også, så dei anbefalar eg på det sterkaste om du ikkje har lest dei!

  4. Christin says:

    BRA JOBBAT! Jag har läst tre böcker i år, haha, men det är mer än vad jag trodde jag skulle orka med. Men! Vill faktiskt tipsa om en av dem. ” I varje ögonblick är vi fortfarande vid liv” av Tom Malmquist är väldigt, väldigt välskriven tycker jag. Jag gilllar hans avskalade språk, inga konstiga omskrivningar eller krystade meningar. Rakt upp och ner och rakt igenom skitfint.

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