stockholm in california.

let’s check out the second part of the saturday when i went to los angeles over a day. first half can be found here.

stockholm ca.

so, after the museum of broken relationships, me and siri jumped in an uber.

stockholm ca.

to this house up in the hollywood hills.

stockholm ca.

where sandra was staying!

stockholm ca.

and valerie and elsa too.

stockholm ca.

we had beer and champagne on the balcony.

stockholm ca.

and took pictures. and there’s gustav in his face mask too, hi :))

stockholm ca.

outside our little balcony oasis, the trees were big and green and warm and golden.

stockholm ca.

daniel in the far back joined us as well and we babbled about stockholm and jetlag and the festival we were heading off to shortly after. clinked and cheered about being in los angeles, and then jumped into some cabs that were gonna take us downtown to stockholm, ca. exciting!

stockholm ca.

we arrived just in the beginning of queen veronica maggio’s concert. she slayed as per usual!!

stockholm ca.

“music by sweden, weather by california” was the tagline of this festival. and indeed :)))

stockholm ca.

nause were there.

stockholm ca.

but first and foremost, this one. hanging out with siri in cali for a day healed my homesick heart a little. <3

stockholm ca.

icona pop played and people were waving with swedish flags. the place was packed with swedes, obviously.

stockholm ca.

beer brand pripps blå were there and had set up these classic swedish huts. cute.

stockholm ca.

then rebecca & fiona played. i doubt this is a picture of them but let’s pretend it is.

stockholm ca.

we alternated between jumping around at the concerts and mingling in the vip lounge. also saw that jason aka timbuktu was hanging around, but i didn’t chat with him and now i regret it because we’re supposed to get married and live happily forever after?!?! (which i made clear already in 2013.) goddamn it, vicky.

stockholm ca.

and then we watched little dragon and had moscow mules until it got late and me and siri grabbed an uber to the hotel to get a little sleep since we were getting up at 6 am the next morning (but then it turned out that my flight was 4h delayed anyways :(((((( ). however SO worth flying across the country for a day in california. that state literally gives me LIFE. plus hanging out with lovely people and listen to swedish music = +++++.

now i can live through the rest of october and november! thanks all. <3


här e andra delen av min dag i LA! efter musum of broken relationships hoppade jag och siri in i en taxi upp till hollywood hills där bl a sandra, gustav, valerie, och elsa bodde. vi skålade i öl och champagne på balkongen och pratade o stockholm, jetlag och veronica maggio innan det var dags att beställa taxis så vi kunde åka ner till festivalen stockholm, ca — som ju var hela anledningen till att vi var där.

vi ramlade in precis när veronica började spela, precis lika bra som alltid såklart, minst. så kollade vi på nause, icona pop, rebecca & fiona och little dragon varvat med mat, mingel och dans hela kvallen tills det blev natt och dags att sova så jag och siri kunde komma upp klockan 06 dagen efter för att flyga hem till våra respektive kuster.

kort men fint. så värt att flyga över landet för att få hänga lite i kalifornien ändå. speciellt med guldiga kompisar och maggio. hurra! <3

the worst list.

san francisco.

the worst food: i’m surprisingly non-picky with food. i love all cuisines, and i’m usually fine with eating pretty much whatever if it doesn’t contain meat. EXCEPT DONUTS. i generally love everything fatty and sugary, but donuts i just cannot take. ugh.

the worst weather: wet, windy snow. blowing right in your face and creeping inside your clothes. reason #498 why i don’t live in sweden
the worst music: meaningless pop songs (i was trying to google a specific one i heard a while back that kind of went like “sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes i’m happy, sometimes i’m sad, sometimes i’m rich, sometimes i’m poor” but i could’t find it and i don’t remember the exact lyrics. it seriously PROVOKED me) and maybe some waily r’n’b.

the worst time of day: 4:45 a.m. no doubt. whether it’s because of staying up late at an after party or getting up early to like catch a flight, that’s definitely always the absolute worst time ot be awake for me.

my worst mood: hangry. oh my god, stay away. i get bitchy, and upset, and emotional, and i can even start crying. *i’m sorry for what i said when i was hungry* :(((

the worst thing i own: probably all the things i don’t use that i haven’t thrown away yet because i HATE HOARDING :( just thinking about old like cd-rs with random music burned to them in some old box makes me shiver.

the worst personality traits: not letting other people finish talking. being privileged and using that to your advantage without doing anything about it (like racism and classism). not having empathy for other people.



en liten lista om allt det som är sämst. hittad (och översatt från) elsa.

about the move to new york, and other places i would(n’t) live in.

new york.

i’m wondering about how it feels now with the move to new york? have you managed to land yet after such short time, or do you more than anything want to go back to sf?

to be honest, it’s hard to tell. i started working the day after i moved here from cali, and have been working from at least 9 am to like 8.30 pm almost every day. conclusion—have probably not landed yet…

and i feel like it’s really hard to talk about this, but i miss san francisco so bad. both when i flew from san francisco here for the move a few weeks ago, and when i flew back from los angeles a couple of days ago, i cried so much on the plane. the ad agency i’m at i nyc is totally amazing and i have fun at work every day, but i’m also 100% convinced i will be back in sf at one point or another. just gonna do a little bit of new york first.


are there any other place in the u.s. you would like to try out living in (if you wouldn’t focus on work)? and is there any place you’d never want to live in? why?

honestly—not really. i don’t know where that would be. several of the places i’ve visited (like portland, or hawaii) are awesome, but there’s nowhere other than san francisco (oh well, and new york) where i feel i’d want to live.

as for places where i wouldn’t want to live—they’re numerous. i’m pretty picky……i don’t like cold places, i don’t like small towns, but also not huge places that require a car (like 95% of american cities do). it needs to be a big and walkable city (just like sf and new york). even sunny miami or los angeles, i would never ever want to live in. it feels impossible to get around and isolated … i know i’d immediately feel lonely.

or actually! chicago! or at least after being there in the summer, i feel like i could. don’t hold me to it for the chicago winter though…



jag undrar lite hur det känns i magen nu efter flytten och allt? liksom, har du hunnit landa på denna korta tid, eller vill du fortfarande mer än allt tillbaka till sf?

det är svårt att säga…jag började jobba dagen efter att jag flyttade hit från cali, och har jobbat åtminstone 9-20.30 typ varje dag. slutsats—nä, har nog inte hunnit landa när jag tänker efter…

och—det känns svårt att prata om det här, men jag sinar san francisco så mycket. både när jag flög från san francisco för flytten några veckor sedan, och när jag kom tillbaka från los angeles nu i helgen, grät jag så mycket på flyget. reklambyrån jag är på här i new york är fantastisk och jag har kul på jobbet varje dag, men jag är också 100% övertygad om att jag kommer komma tillbaka till sf förr eller senare. ska bara göra new york lite först bara.

finns det något annat ställe i USA du hade velat testa att bo på i USA om du inte ska fokusera på jobb? Alltså glöm den aspekten helt nu när du svarar. Finns det något ställe (stad/delstat/område) du aldrig skulle vilja bo på? Varför? :)

ärligt talat—nä! jag vet inte var det hade vart. flera av de ställena jag har rest till (som portland eller hawaii) är fantastiskt, men det finns ingen annanstans än san francisco (och ja, new york då) som jag känner att jag kunde bott på.

när det kommer till ställen jag inte hade velat bo på, är det många. jag är rätt kräsen…….jag gillar inte kalla platser, små städer, men inte heller stora städer som kräver bil (som 95% av amerikanska städer). det måste vara en stor stad som är promenadvänlig (precis som sf och new york). till och med soliga miami eller los angeles känner jag att jag aldrig hade kunnat bo på. det känns omöjligt att ta sig runt och isolerat……. jag vet att jag hade känt mig ensam på en gång.

eller förresten! chicago! eller såkänner jag iallafall efter att ha varit där på sommaren. kan inte garantera att jag hade känt likadant efter en chicagovinter dock…

museum of broken relationships.

let’s dive into LA pics with this cheerful headline. :)))

museum of broken relationships.

first thing’s first though—so i landed in LA in the middle of the night between friday and saturday, and after spending one night at my friend will’s place, i woke up to a sunny santa monica, and jumped in a cab to this green café in hollywood.

museum of broken relationships.

to meet up with this fave!!! siri! who i left in san francisco, but who i convinced to come down to LA for 24h. reunited, yay yay! felt like we hadn’t seen each other in 2 months—in fact, it was 2 weeks…

museum of broken relationships.

siri had a scramble and i had two avocado toasts, one with a sunny side up egg and one with sundried tomatoes. yummm.

museum of broken relationships.

then we walked a block away, to the museum of broken relationships that i had heard of and really wanted to visit.

museum of broken relationships.


museum of broken relationships.

this museum is crowd-sourced—people send in artifacts from their relationships (can be romantic ones, but also friendships, family, etc) together with a story. so many painful ones, that probably speak better for themselves:

museum of broken relationships.

museum of broken relationships.

museum of broken relationships.

museum of broken relationships.

they had a little shop too, with accurate souvenirs.

museum of broken relationships.

“broken” ugh hurts just looking at it tbh

museum of broken relationships.

this was so painful ….. but at least good to know that people everywhere have these feelings. i’ve not been wanting to talk about it, but i have been hurting over something for quite a while now. it’s getting better everyday, but being in an environment like this certainly brings it back (……).

oh well. here i am looking happy anyways because life goes on, the sun is shining, you’re with your bestie in LA and after this we popped champagne and partied instead, but that deserves its own post!



första titten från LA! mötte äntligen upp med siri efter 2 veckor som kändes som 2 månader. vi frullade i solen och gick sen hit — till museum of broken relationships. så vackert men smärtsamt alltihop. folk får liksom skicka in sina prylar från sina tidigare förhållanden med en berättelse. </3

ont såklart men också fint på nåt sätt att man inte är själv ju och sådär. men sen hade vi inte tid att deppa längre för vi hade champagne att dricka och en festival att dansa på! men det kommer snart. puss!

post-travel blues.


or maybe not really—maybe just exhausted.

hello again new york and hello monday to all of you. i’m excited to tell you all about my super quick LA trip, but first i need to sleep. instead of getting back to new york in the afternoon, my flight was 4h delayed and now, it’s almost midnight.

it was so much fun and so worth going, but just like two weeks ago when i moved from sf to nyc, i cried so much on the plane back. leaving california is heartbreaking every time.

a little overwhelmed, exhausted, but happy and re-energized with west coast air and fun and friends and hugs that i can live on through the coming months.

pics are coming tomorrow, stay tuned! <3


kom precis tillbaka till new york efter min superkorta tripp till los angeles. är såååå trött och har haft världens längsta dag med tidig morgon och försenat flyg, men ska visa bilder asap! först: sömn. puss och hopas ni har en fin veckostart.

four tattoo instagram tips.

i’m committed and devoted to old school sailor tattoos, but one style that i absolutely love is the graffiti-inspired, naive, ignorant style. here are four amazing insta accounts to follow if you’re into that. if not, check them out anyways.



swedish tattoo artist who is hand-poking (!) all these amazing ones.



these magical ones are also hand-poked. LOVE the mouths. and dalí’s mustache.



this los angeles-based guy does pretty depressing and sometimes macabre tats, but you know darkness is cool and all that



this account shares ignorant style tattoos from anywhere. despite not being one artist, i really really like this one. they curate it really well. makes me wanna start over ; )


fyra tuffa instagramkonton som delar ignorant style-tatueringar. mkt nice

Q&A! ☁☀


happy friday!

i haven’t answered too many questions here on the blog lately, so i thought this might be a good opportunity to do a little q&a, like in the good old days!

is there anything you want to ask me—new york, san francisco, advertising, traveling, creating, dating, food, favorite beer; or what do i know? (a comment or question about the blog or something completely different is ok too.)

let me know and i’ll answer when i get back from los angeles ☀
would love to hear from you. (i believe you’re there, but after almost 10 years i’m still nervous about no comments.) xx


frågestund på bloggen! är det något ni funderat på, kring mig eller new york eller sf eller reklam eller copy eller resande eller favoritfärg vad vet jag? så kul med en klassisk frågestund tänker jag. hade varit så fint att höra av er. svarar när jag kommer tillbaka från los angeles!

going to LA for 30 hours.

yes! it’s true. on friday night, i hop on a plane back to ♥♥♥california♥♥♥ and then back to new york on sunday morning. 12 h plane ride for 30 h in cali? FOR WHAT?


for the swedish festival stockholm, CA, of course! when i was still back in SF, i was thinking about going down to this, but then suddenly i moved to new york out of nowhere and i (naturally) cancelled those plans.
but thanks to lovely miss sandra who hooked me up, i’m going anyways! ☼ ♥ merci merci merci.
(and take wth me my partner in crime siri, who i’ve been missing so so much after just 1,5 weeks away from san francisco.)



and for maggio, mingling, and pripps blå, 12 h on a plane to hang out in cali for 30 hours is ok after all, don’t you think?


åker tvärs över landet och tillbaka för att hänga i los angeles i trettio timmar. aha vadårå? jo ska gå på festival! svenska endagsfestivalen stockholm, ca. ska krama om siri som jag redan saknat så det är jobbigt, dansa med [sandra] (som även ordnat detta tack <33 x 100) och mingla hela natten helst. kalifornien å herregud coming 4 u ☼

first rainy new york saturday.

rainy weekend.

this past weekend was my first here in new york after moving here. i arrived the previous sunday and had been working all week, so i wanted to go out for adventures.

rainy weekend.

of course, after a warm week when i was sitting inside the office, it was raining.

rainy weekend.

but that was ok, because it was pretty anyways. i walked from where i’m staying (murray hill, which is kind of midtown east) to koreatown where i had lunch, and then took the metro to west village.

rainy weekend.

it’s so pretty there, with thick green trees and taquerias open straight to the street.

rainy weekend.

i met up with my san francisco friend robert who also lives in new york now, and we saw these cute ones pass us by on the street.

rainy weekend.

we were actually in west village to help robert’s friends with putting up curtains. it was a much harder project than we thought! it took a couple of hours, a few beers and some DIY-attempts of marking walls with eyeliner pencils, but we kind of succeeded.

rainy weekend.

by the time we were done, it was raining even worse than before, but me and robert had promised to meet up with our other friend jay, so we headed out in the rain.

rainy weekend.

maybe a few of you remember our magazine creatura? we were a little group of people who put this magazine together when we all were based in san francisco. now, three out of the six of us live in new york, so me, robert and jay met up to work on another number. i’ll show you when it’s done!

rainy weekend.

and then we walked around chelsea market for a bit before walking round and round in circles around meatpacking and chelsea trying to find some dinner. you know how it is .. it’s always something wrong. closed, only takeaway, too expensive, wrong kind of food, not cozy enough, blah blah blah. AT LAST, we found a ramen place, and then topped it off with two beers. good ending to my last new york saturday after all.


min första new york-lördag! regnade gjorde det såklart. jag vandrade genom regnet till koreatown och käkade lunch där innan jag hoppade på tunnelbanan till west village där jag mötte upp robert. vi skulle hjälpa hans kompisar att sätta upp gardiner, och när vi var klara med det efer mycket om och men mötte vi upp jay. alla vi tre är från san francisco, och vi jobbade ju på vår tidning creatura tillsammans. nu när vi tre är här passade vi på att jobba på nästa nummer. och så vandrade vi runt i timmar för att hitta en bra middag. det gjorde vi till slut, och en ramen och två öl fick avsluta lördagen!

internet harvest.

hello tuesday and all you babes out there. i’ve found a bunch of things on the internet that i love that i wanna show you. here goes:

the kids from stranger things are THE CUTEST. i wish i was 10+ years younger and their bff.  <3


what animals would look like if they had eyes in front. heavily important article right hea

someone compiled clips of people screwing up in infomercials and made a music video to the smiths’ please please please, let me get what i want. so very weird and unsettling in a peculiar way.


the world’s 50 best bars list is out. good for me—i’ve managed to go to all the three san francisco bars on the list (two of them were also included in my sf guide), i ‘ve been to the only stockholm one that’s one the list with anna maría long time ago, and #1 on the list is just 3 blocks away from where i work now!


adam pizurny tributes 60’s op art in the form of monochrome gifs.


observant filmmaker reveals movie scenes directly influenced by famous paintings.


sex fina grejer från internet på sistone. gla tisdag!