sweden deluxe.

i haven’t been back in sweden for almost 1.5 years. i don’t usually miss it that much either, but sometimes, every now and then, i would love to just be able to dive into all that is swedishness for a little while. this is what sweden is most like in my mind (get ready for a cavalcade of pictures):


katrin's graduation.

coffee time.

toffe & jakob in sthlm.


hello stockholm.

coffee time.


with ryoko in stockholm.


girls' hangout.


bbq party.

slussen swans.

summer stockholm.


swedish summer.


swedish summer.

the butterfly house.

wilda's birthday.

elin's birthday.

hornstulls strand.



det som känns som mest sverige inuti mig just nu.

throwback thursday: a july evening in 2011.

summer stockholm.

for this throwback, i went to my flickr gallery (that at the moment of me writing this post has 13,291 photos) and picked a random photo to write down some throwback thoughts for.

this photo is from july 2011. it was a summer in stockholm just like summers in stockholm usually are—light, bright and warm. me and my then-bestie who i used to hang out with every single day, katrin, were buzzing around södermalm. somehow, for some reason, maye a phone call or a text from someone, a friend, a friend’s friend, made us end up here.

from the green, fresh, blooming street, we dived down a flight of stairs and found ourselves in a bunker made into an atelier of some sorts. it was like stepping right into the seventies, and there was artwork along the walls, fabrics hanging over lamps, music, blacklights and beer cans all over the place.

the space branched out in several different rooms, and there were some small wooden stairs up to tiny lofts. we climbed up one of them and found ourselves on a little mezzanine, decorated with old books, taxidermy animals, a fox fur with the whole head intact.

we pretended the world outside didn’t exist for a moment. then again, we were twenty years old in a summer that we could make feel eternal, we were maybe invincible, and maybe the world above that bunker staircase didn’t exist after all, maybe the light july night was something else, somewhere else right then, right at that moment.



en throwback thursday till en bild jag plockade på måfå från min flickr—denna från en julidag 2011 när jag hamnade i en ateljé under marken som kändes som ett sjuttiotal eller ett annat land, en annan tid och den förevigt odödliga känslan som en tjugoårig stockholmssommar kan sätta fyr på i kroppen.

get out (and why you MUST see this movie).


(don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain any spoilers)

the other day i saw get out. if you haven’t heard about it yet (although that would kind of surprise me), it’s a thriller-y kind of horror (meh, more like, horror-ish) from writer and director jordan peele (do you know key and peele? yep, that’s him).
the horror theme in this movie though, isn’t monsters, murderers or supernatural forces. it’s white people and racism. AND YOU NEED TO SEE IT.

this movie had me laughing, crying, gasping and screaming. the whole damn spectrum. and apart from that—it had me thinking about it for days. i’m still unpacking it now, several days later, and it has shivers running down my spine. i’m tearing up on my commute when i recall some of the scenes, and i still find myself thinking about all the layers of this movie.

it’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen. it’s so weirdly unique in its expression, while bringing up one of the most important issues (for me personally, maybe even the #1 most important issue). racism isn’t depicted as it usually is in hollywood productions, with throwbacks to the 1800s and to slavery. it doesn’t show the story we’re already so conscious of—the one about wars, white supremacy depicted with violence and physical harm. this story tells us something much scarier—how racism is highly alive, today, right here, in all of our lives, and how it is perpetuated by the ones who claim to be the exact opposites of racists. the ones who pat themselves on the shoulder and boast about how much they loooove obama, but at the same time point out the skin color of black people every time they interact. “but not in a bad way, of course”, just casually mentioning steph curry….because, you know, they’re probably into basketball yeah?

i’m not gonna go into the plot, but i just needed to get this message out (no pun intended). SEE IT. if you’re pretty aware of racism and white structures in society, you’ll RAVE about the genius of the movie. and if you’re not, it’s probably a fantastic way to get more educated on the matter.

thank me later!! you’re welcome.


glöm ej att se get out när den kommer ut i sverige (?). briljantaste filmen jag sett, kanske nånsin. wow. wow. wow.
(bild via min pinterest).

beautiful things that are easy to forget.

the butterfly house.

kat von d's wonderland.

miami throwback.

when the rain makes my head ache and my heart heavy, these are the beautiful little joys in life at the moment:

× listening to teenage-y nostalgia music.

× dancing on the benches at a packed and sweaty bar.

× talking to someone with the same taste in music, movies and books.

× the internet.

× streaming let’s dance from sweden and cry out of pride over stina.

× saffron cocktails.

× how at least 5 people tagged me in the corgi races video. <3

× shopping more clothes than i need/should, no shame.

× get out!!! (will make a separate post about this)

× never seeing your roomies, but when you do, it’s all fun and nice and laughy.

× skype sessions with important people in other countries.

× wine, pupusas and dancing with a bestie.



one photo every hour. july.



fina grejer just nu att komma ihåg. speciellt nu när det regnar och jag blir lite deppad och sånt är svårt att minnas.

thoughts from a tired thursday heart.

wishing you a wonderful weekend.

i’m so exhausted right now. maybe bad sleep, sun, warm, stale air, something something. but all is well. i’m good, but looking forward to sleep in a little this weekend. and maybe be outside a little, before the massive rain comes back and stays at least the entire next week. not looking forward.

i’m reading news about trump and how he wants to change the visa rules. i’m angry, sad, tired. but then just shrugging. whatever, it’ll be fine, and whatever’s meant to happen will.

i’m off to see get out now. i’m so excited. might tell you about it later. dinner in the mall for once and catchup with siri (is it still a catchup if you meet several times a week and talk every day? hmm).

slowly but surely getting small peeks into the jungle that is american healthcare. headache. procrastinating. save it for later. i wait with putting my lamps on, because my world feels more quiet when i let it be dark for a little longer.

i scroll through hundreds of instagram posts, mornings turn to night and sometimes nothing makes an impression, while at other times i need to brace myself of all the feelings that are coming at me from all angles.

happy friday. take care of yourselves. <3

summer skies.



tankar från en trött torsdag. ha en fin fredag. <3

the honest list about me.

hello thursday. here’s an honest list for you today. and have a nice day. <3

museum of broken relationships.

three guilty pleasures:
ed sheeran’s “shape of you“. the movie sausage party. everything that runs on TLC.

when did you last cry and why?
sunday feb 26th. not really gonna get into it here but poured my heart out for someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

when can you truly be yourself?
when i go out walking alone for hours. one of my favorite things to do.

hardly strictly bluegrass.

three things you can’t stand:
swedish windy slushy snow winters. astrology. fratboys and/or bros.

what stresses you out?
the visa uncertainty in this country. when people talk about weightloss. my friends having kids.

three things you love:
the post-workout feeling. exploring new cities. wearing a pair of new shoes for the first time.

hardly strictly bluegrass.

how do you think others perceive you?
i think i’m perceived extremely different depending on the mood i’m in. some people give off the same kind of feeling no matter what, but i wear my heart on my sleeve and am probably perceived either loud/cool/twitchy/funny/anxious very much depending on when.

how do you perceive yourself?
like a 1000% dreamer and romantic. honestly, life is poetry to me. i want to dream, write, and run away and adventure with someone forever. i can romanticize anything. give me a trashcan or a fucking sidewalk and i’ll make up a dream about it. i love living a life when every feeling, every thought means so much to me. i carry everything within me, everything weighs so much but it’s also beautiful.

when do you feel at your most beautiful?
when i’m tan, have a cute outfit and am happy!

weekend in the wharf.

what did you last laugh at?
the other day i laughed so i couldn’t breathe when my coworker jonathan talked about his family’s dog when he was little, how his mom used to feed the dog pasta and how the dog (a poodle) was so smart to know that it competed for jonathan’s mom’s attention with him and therefore didn’t like him. (i know, it’s probably not fun when i retell it…)

something you’ve given a lot of thought:
visas in the US omfg. i wonder how many collective hours i’ve spent thinking about this.

three things you’re afraid of:
cockroaches. ending up alone. something happening to my friends and family.

olivier visiting / friday.

something you’ve learned lately:
hmm. i don’t know. that a cactus i just received should be watered lightly every two weeks?

a profession you think you’d be good at:
radio host and/or podcaster! honestly, this would what i’d be doing if i wasn’t a copywriter.

lastly, a profession you think you’d be bad at:
a cop. geez. i’m happy i’m not in that field.



idag får ni en ärlig lista här på bloggen från mig. kopierad, förkortad och översatt från atilio-sandra!


SO. out of nowhere, my macbook pro keyboard has started completely freaking out. several of my keys aren’t working properly, which takes everything 100 times longer to write (including this). makes me ANGRY :) contemplating buying a new macbook now, since this one clearly doesn’t want to cooperate with me. however, i’ve had it for about 3 years now. an ok excuse to get a new pretty rose gold macbook pro though? that’s what i’m imagining, at least. will keep you posted.

however, here are some happy weekend updates too:


i spent sunday on the other side of the bay, in oakland! i rarely go there, but had a picnic to attend with some new friends from a facebook group : )


the weather was lovely, lake merritt was pretty, and my online friends who now became my irl friends were so sweet. the internet <3


hijacked a woman’s corgi, cause honestly why not 0: )


after oakland, i took the train back to sf again and went to my favorite place—dolores park! managed to get back before the sun set. it was so warm and fantastic. wanted to cry


i’m not being chronological right now, but here’s a silly poser pic from friday when me and richie grabbed food, walked around the tenderloin and then went to a bar where all of san francisco’s swedish community were for a party.

and btw! this is how my brows look with glossiers boy brow that i showed you the unboxing of in this post. it’s pretty subtle but still boosty right? LOVE this product.



är arg på min dator vars tangentbord inte vill funka som det ska! aja, annars har vi här lite olika från i helgen. jag var i oakland vid lake merritt på picknick, hängde i min favvopark dolores, kidnappade någons corgi och hängde runt med richie. här är förresten mina ögonbryn med glossiers boy brow! ändå fint?

cutouts, cats, courts and croissants.

happy tuesday! today, i have four fantastic, conceptual instagram tips for you!



this japanese artist does insanely mesmerizing pattern cutouts in fruits and vegetables. isn’t it amazing?




take a look at these pics! they are of alex and merle, two cats whose mouths, noses and paws we get a feed full of zoomed-in pictures of. cute?!




one of my absolute favorite accounts right now. i love how these drone shots make these seemingly abandoned courts seem so secret and mysterious, but also beautiful. makes me want to travel to all of them.




this account gathers pictures of bread masterpieces from all around the world. i’m such a non-baker really, but these are really pretty to look at. also, who doesn’t love carbs??

do you have any fantastic accounts i need to follow? let me know in the comments!



fyra konceptuella instagrams jag gllar just nu! langa era tips med vettja!

on my jacket.


this is the jacket i use almost every day. that never changes, but something that does are the pins. i love pins and get new ones a little now and then (and then i lose them sometimes when they fall off my jacket). let’s look at my pins right now.


these two pinup girls have been with me for years. don’t quite remember where i got them, but they support me.


i like wearing pins both on the big lapels but also on the smaller ones higher up. on one of those, i have this tiger printed one saying teach me. rawr.


this might be my favorite pin. the enamel MIXED EMOTIONS CLUB one. got it at urban outfitters last year and it basically sums up my whole being.


next to that one, i have this little copper pineapple. it’s from absolut elyx and i got it at the swedish festival stockholm, ca last year.


this is my newest one! the limited edition CEREAL KILLA from pintrill. isn’t it cute?


on my second upper lapel, i’m representing dr martens. cause don’t we all love their shoes??


last but not least, this is the membership pin from the art director’s club. i’m in advertising as you know, and this is one of those organizations that makes sense for me to be a part of. BUT yesterday after taking these pics, it fell off somewhere. oh well. a good excuse to get a new one, right?



mina pins!

observations for women’s day.


i didn’t post anything on women’s day here on the blog on the day itself, but i have some thoughts and reflections on it now, a few days after, on what was going on that day, and what we can do the other 364 days of the year to be feminist and inclusive.

maybe someone reading this post will feel attacked and/or uncomfortable, but please, hear me out—it’s so important for an inclusive and intersectional feminism.

✊ the protests.

i applaud everyone who attended the protests and the women’s marches around the world on march 8th. i wish everyone could do so. but—remember that the ones who couldn’t attend aren’t fighting less for feminism, or are worse feminists. in fact, chances are that if you were able to take a day off without repercussions, it’s likely because of privilege. many women and feminists around the world can’t just take off without losing money, or maybe even their job.

here‘s an article about the women’s strike and privilege.

 ✊ wearing red.

the symbolism of wearing red in solidarity this one day is lovely. just don’t forget to (especially if you’re privileged—rich, norm- and ablebodied, heterosexual, etc) fight for equality and feminism the rest of the year too. sure, wear red to show that you’re in for the good cause—but don’t forget to walk the talk too. wearing red in your all-white, upper middle class tech office (like my own workplace for example) won’t make that much difference if you can’t translate those thoughts and behaviors outside, reaching people from other intersections (race, class, sexuality, etc) too.

 ✊ terf.

terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminists. i think this is an important matter that isn’t talked about that much. people who call themselves feminists are often supportive of other women—the kind of women that fits an idea (a person who has a vagina, for example). BUT—shocker—if your feminism isn’t inclusive of the trans community as well, it isn’t feminism. pussyhats for example—i’m sure no one had a bad intention behind them—but they’re very exclusionary for anyone in terms of gender and race—basically anyone who’s doesn’t have a *pink pussy*.

white feminism.

again—support people who are not just skinny, white, rich, cisgender, able-bodied, and privileged in other ways. i want to say this to individuals as well as organizations, magazines, blogs, tv shows, …… etc. especially, i feel that people like me (us who are a part of the extremely homogenous swedish blogging community) need to be conscious about this. as women, sure, we need to support each other, but white feminism without intersectionality is not feminism. it’s white supremacy.



and, last but not least:



tankar och reflektioner över internationella kvinnodagen om intersektionalitet. viktigt.
bild via pinterest.