cloudy, glimpses of sun, hot and cold all at once.


hello sunday.

i hope you’re having a good weekend wherever you are. mine’s pretty chill. i’m trying to stay inside this weekend and force myself to relax. i’ve been super stressed out this last week and i felt like i haven’t rested enough, so this weekend, my schedule is pretty cleared. i’m NOT running around (mostly note to self). instead: catching up on emails, blog stuff, work, and just lie in bed. need this so bad right now.

here’s however a selfie from last weekend when me and siri were in dolores park. it was both sunny and overcast, just like all the days are now, just like san francisco summers are in general, just like i feel life is right now. clouded with glimpses of sun, i’m shifting between hot and cold, i’m anxious and then calm, happy-sad, summertime sadness, or whatever you want to call it.

but here in sf, real summer starts soon. september and october are the real hot and sunny months. i’m looking forward to that fall. one that is gonna warm my heart, where the fog has cleared.

have a beautiful sunday.


hej och glad söndag. jag har varit såå trött och stressad denna vecka och försöker ta det så lugnt jag kan denna helg typ. lite träning, lite blogg och jobb, lite chilla i sängen, nån promme eller middag typ. men inget vilt!

här är för lvrigt en selfie från förra helgen i dolores när det var växlande molnighet. så som sommaren i sf alltid är, och för övrigt typ mitt liv just nu. molntäcke med solglimtar. kallt som växlar till varmt. ångest som växlar till lugn. fram och tillbaka. men snart kommer september och med den en sf-sommar och solvarmt i minst tre månader typ. ser så fram emot en årstid som värmer mitt hjärta, en där dimman lättar.


i’ve been feeling like throwbacks lately. so here’s a few:

a playlist to listen to:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.07.36 PM

this one that is not really super well planned out, but where i throw in old stuff a little now and then. KLASSIX.

a tv show to watch:


i know it’s probably too late now to talk about stranger things, i’m sure you’ve all already binged the whole thing. but it’s on my classics list today anyways (neoclassic, at least, right?). and isn’t this picture of the cast cute? i found it with the caption “when a second season is confirmed”. yay!

an instagram to check out:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.17.45 PM

more neoclassic stuff. my favorite tattoo artist (although i don’t have anything from her). amazing quyen behind @parlor_tattoo_prints. <3

a movie to watch:


last, but not least, my all-time favorite movie: natural born killers. it’s from 1994, directed by oliver stone (but tarantino was in on the writing!) and kind of a bonnie and clyde-kind of satirical killer story with woody harrelson, juliette lewis, robert downey jr ET CETERA. love this one so.

happy friday nostalgia!


fyra nostalgigrejer till er denna fredag. en lista, en serie, ett instakonto och en film. puss.

throwback thursday: U.S. travels.

it’s throwback thursday here on the blog. as you know, i’m flying over to chicago in one and a half week. i’m excited. i’ve never been to the midwest before. let’s have a look at the places i have been to in the u.s.

new york 2009.
nba store.

central park.

this was my first-ever trip to the u.s. (while i was still living in sweden (and going to one million festivals!)). me and my ex robin flew to new york for ten days and did tourist stuff ONLY. like hanging out at central park, times square and at the statue of liberty. oh well, i guess that’s stuff you do during your first nyc visit.

new york 2013.
5 pointz.

5 pointz.

in 2013, i was in new york again. this time, alone, and as a part of my one-month backpack in the caribbean. i did the total opposite and hung out at as few touristy spots i could. instead: small jazz clubs in greenwich village and around the graffiti collective 5 pointz.

miami 2013.
miami skydiving.


so, after new york, i went around in the caribbean, and my last stop before heading back to sweden was miami. i skydived and saw a snake in the national park everglades.

los angeles 2014.
highway 1.


this was my first trip anywhere after actually moving to california: los angeles. me, carl-hampus, jonath, jacob and susanna drove down, hung out in the sun, did tourist shit (ugh whyy) and did some shopping for like three days before we drove all the way up the beautiful hwy 1 again.

yosemite 2014.


my friends moa and matilda visited from sweden and we went to yosemite. we hiked through this beautiful scenery, and then spent a night at a motel outside fresno that felt like a murder motel. also, their key looked kind of like my marc jacobs one.

maui 2015.
haleakala: pipiwai trail & the seven sacred pools.


last year, me and jens went to maui for 3,5 weeks and ate fresh mangos from our neighbors’ tree every morning, snorkled with turtles and walked in a magic bamboo forest.

san diego 2015.
san diego. sunday.

san diego. monday.

for thanksgiving last year, i flew down to san diego to visit my friend miro who studied there at the time. we hung out at so many different beaches and ate the best fish tacos i’ve ever had.

portland & seattle 2016.
portland - kerns.


in march, i went up to beautiful beautiful portland for a few days. there, i met up with lucas, pedro and ricardo, and we took a one-day roadtrip up to seattle. oregon and washington was so beautiful!

new york 2016.
new york.

new york.

in may, you might remember that i went to new york for a few days for an advertising industry event. we were 8 people in an airbnb that would fit like 5 but it was ok. i mingled with 1000 people, went to the wtc memorial museum (<3) and ate at the meatball shop.

chicago 2016.

bring it on. ☼


throwback thursday på temat alla ställen jag rest till i usa.

2009 var min första gång i usa och new york och jag och mitt ex var ultraturistiga i tio dagar. 

2013 backpackade jag i karibien, men började i new york. höll mig borta från manhattan denna gång. efter att ha hoppat runt i karibien stannade jag i miami (också 2013 alltså). hoppade fallskärm och hängde i nationalparken everglades.

2014 hade jag flyttat till kalifornien och los angeles var första resan. roadtrippade ner med ett gäng över några dagar.

2014 kom också mina kompisar moa och matilda på besök och vi körde till vackra yosemite och vandrade.

2015 åkte jag och jens till maui i nästan en månad och låg på stranden mest och dök med sköldisar.

2015 åkte jag till san diego över thanksgiving och hängde med min vän miro och käkade världens godaste fish tacos.

2016 stack jag iväg till portland och seattle i några dagar. det var SÅ fint där uppe!

2016 åkte jag tillbaka till new york, för det måste man ju då och då. minglade mest med reklamfolk men hann med lite fritid också.

2016 snart händer chicago också. en och en halv vecka kvar!

street festivals are the best.

noise pop 20th street block party.

on saturday, me and this lady, lisa, met up for coffee and a little walk downtown before we jumped in a cab to go down to the mission.

noise pop 20th street block party.

because there was a street fesival going on and street festivals are the best.

noise pop 20th street block party.

it was the event bearing the short and convenient name noise pop 20th street block party. music! food! art! sun! people! all the good things in one place.

noise pop 20th street block party.

oh and cute dogs ofc.

noise pop 20th street block party.

i posed against a mural because that’s like my favorite thing to do. now that i think of it, i should do a compilation post about that. yes. brb.

noise pop 20th street block party.

look at this little golden nugget <333

noise pop 20th street block party.

this festival really exceeded our expectations! the weather was perfectly golden sunny unlike in windy downtown, we tasted vegan fishsticks that tasted just like fish fishsticks and coconut popsicles, the vibe was great and you could braid flower crowns if you wanted.

noise pop 20th street block party.

we didn’t, but some other visitors did *crying a little bit*

noise pop 20th street block party.

pre-election swag.

noise pop 20th street block party.

and yes, san francisco was just as techy as only the tech community in san francisco can be sometimes.

noise pop 20th street block party.

we listened to bands we’d never heard playing cute music and mingled with friends that we ran into. (real friends, the ones who all came from the bottom. (← spot the joke))


and then we found a truck that had been rebuilt into a crazy photo booth with a closet full of outfit supplies and a photo studio in there! and since photo booths are top three things i do to make everyday a little more like a party, we decided to go for it. sequin coat, glitter hat, boxing gloves and a huge dollar sign. #ootd #fashionblogger

noise pop 20th street block party.

we basically just walked around and oh my god-ed over how nice it was.

noise pop 20th street block party.

until we had circled the place like three times and we decided it might be time to leave soon.

noise pop 20th street block party.

but first, elotes!

noise pop 20th street block party.

perfect saturday activity. <3


i lördags stack jag och lisa ner till mission för att gå på gatufestivalen noise pop 20th street block party. där var det fullt av gulliga hundar, god mat, snygga hipsters och bra musik. utmärkt lördag med andra ord.

1 year of blogging in english.



new scarf.

it has now been one whole year since i switched the blog from swedish to english. can you believe it? i find it very weird. then again, that’s always how time works — fast and slow and irrational all at once.

i started blogging about ten years ago (the archive here is only public from 2010 though as you know, the stuff before is crap), so my blogging voice and the way i communicated with you guys here was really established. i was really nervous a year ago when i decided to switch, but you guys were super supportive. thank you for that! i hope this last year has been okay for all of you swedish readers, and that it has made it easier and more fun for you english speakers out there who complained about me blogging in swedish :)

thanks for reading, this blog is such an important place for me. but also — if there is anything you’ve thought of, that you want to see more or less of, please let me know! like what kind of posts you love to read from me, or the ones i could do less of or skip. i always love to hear from you (and if you have missed it —since wordpress doesn’t notify you via email, sigh — i always answer all your comments here in my own comments field). thanks again for hanging out with me here! ♥


för ett år sedan tog jag ett för mig lite läskigt steg och bytte från svenska till engelska här på bloggen. jag var himla nervös men ni var så gulliga då, och jag hoppas det fortfarande känns bra för er. jag har ju liksom utvecklat min ton här på bloggen under många år, så det var knepigt och osäkert att byta först, men förhoppningsvis känns det ganska naturligt att läsa ändå.

tack för att ni fortfarande läser fast det är på engelska! snälla säg till om det är något ni tänker på, något ni gillar och jag ska blogga mer om, eller sånt som kanske inte är lika intressant. jag blir alltid lika glad av att höra av er. tack igen och puss.







happy monday to all of you.

this monday and next one is a regular one here in the u.s., but the one after that is a holiday — labor day. since i have the day off and since i didn’t have any trips booked and since i wanted to get away for a while plus hundred other reasons, i booked a trip to chicago. pretty impulsive, but then again why not.

i’m not familiar at all with chicago but am sure i’m gonna have a few lovely days. i always tend to fall in love with big cities — you know how i romanticize streets i’ve never walked and rivers that i’ve never sailed.

if you have any tips, i’d love to hear them. i want to dispose my short time in the best way possible, experiencing beautiful views and streets and foods and secret gems that i will remember and write stories about when i’m back in san francisco.


jag impulsköpte en biljett till chicago om ungefär två veckor. om ni har några tips vill jag jättegärna höra dem. puss.

it was worth it.


this is a picture i took back in mid-april. i had been out in dolores with some people and it was super hot outside. we walked to ritual in the mission and had ice coffee in the shade for a while. then, we went over to north beach and on our way there, i snapped this picture around 15th street. when we got to washington square park in north beach, we took polaroid pictures and ate pasta dinner on paper plates.

it was a beautiful evening and i wasn’t cold on the way home, it was warm and still light outside. i had gotten a light burn, just a little, the way you’re supposed to after a day out in a san francisco april.

and i went to sleep, woke up again and again to other days and this one hadn’t have to mean anything, it didn’t really but maybe at the same time it did. and maybe that’s what aprils do to you, they give you hints and secret signs about different stories that can happen, different ways where life can go. sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. it’s beautiful and painful and amazing and sad at the same time, but i know you have to treasure them anyways, all of the stories, all of the people and all of the parks you sit in, all the polaroids, all the pasta dinners and street art doodles. i want to have lived them and have made them all worth it. it was all worth it.


det här är en bild jag tog på mitten av april. jag hade varit i dolores med några, det var supervarmt ute. vi gick till ritual i mission och drack iskaffe i skuggan en stund. sen gick vi över till north beach och på vägen dit tog jag den här bilden någonstans vid 15th street. när vi kom till washington square park i north beach tog vi polaroidbilder och åt pastamiddag på papperstallrikar.

det var en så vacker kväll och jag frös inte på vägen hem, det var varmt och fortfarande ljust ute. jag hade fått en lätt bränna, men bara lite, precis en sån man ska få när man varit ute en dag i en san francisco-april.

och sen gick jag och la mig, vaknade igen och igen till andra dagar och just denna hade inte behövt betyda någonting, det gjorde inte det men samtidigt kanske den gjorde det. och kanske är det det som aprilmånader gör mot en, de ger en ledtrådar och hemliga tecken om olika berättelser som kan hända, olika vägar livet kan gå. ibland händer de och ibland inte. det är vackert och smärtsamt och underbart och ledsamt på samma gång, men jag vet att man måste hålla kvar vid dem ändå, alla berättelser, alla människor, alla parker man sitter i, alla polaroidbilder, alla pastamiddagar och allt streetartklotter. jag vill ha levt dem och gjort de alla värt det. det var värt det alltihop.

reminder to you (and myself as well).


just wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend. take care of yourselves, of your bodies and minds and hearts. get some sleep, eat well, and surround yourselves with people you want to be around.

go out in the sun if there is any and if you want to be out. if not, stay inside the whole weekend. watch stuff, sleep, read a book or just stare up into the ceiling.

write stuff, or create art. read whatever you feel like reading, listen to important music and take long walks. or go crazy, get drunk, pass out.

cry, sleep, run, sweat. but whatever it is, do it because you want it or you need it.

have a lovely friday.


ta hand om er själva i helgen. gör bara sånt som känns bra, eller sånt som behövs för stunden. bara som en liten påminnelse — till er och mig själv.

top seven internet things right now.

hi loverz! here’s some thursday links for ya, straight from my favorite place: the internet. so without further ado:


project runway season 15 is kicking off soon and my fab friend dexter is in it! click here and scroll down to see a little *welcome to my crib* with him!


street artists paints over graffiti to make it legible.


a festival a mini berghain just to deny people at the door. HILARIOUS if you know about the berlin club berghain.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.15.28 PM

real people! looking like 2d art!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.18.53 PM

17 maps that will change the way you look at the world forever. because maps are the coolest fucking thing invented by man. kinda. (omg no pun intended tho. 4 real)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.22.22 PM

racism on airbnb inspires new inclusive noirbnb.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.24.59 PM

michelle obama gets her freak on with missy elliott in carpool karaoke. THIS IS WHY AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.


sju fantastiska torsdagslänkar från the mighty internet. puss!

i’m the worst with food lately.


brunch at nopa.


i haven’ been posting any food on here in a really long time! it’s such a shame, because even if i’m no master chef, i used to cook quite a bit when i lived in both sweden, france and norway. but as i wrote in the food list not too long ago, the culture here is just much more focused on eating out. i don’t really think consciously on my eating habits that much, but since i know that i always snap a picture if my food is pretty, the conclusion must be that i have been eating pretty boring and ugly food recently.

stuff i’ve been eating lately unworthy of a picture:

-burritos (love burritos to death but they’re not very photogénique)

-rice cakes or swedish crisp bread (some days when i’ve been doing nothing, i’ve basically just eaten 100 of these.)

-microwaved trader joe’s soup at work (and a bag of chips. clearly high-level cooking skills here)

-random salads (borderline good-looking in some cases, but not innovative enough to be blogworthy either way.)

-top ramen (throw no shade plz)

-soylent (no comment.)

i’ll try to get better! i mean pretty food makes everyone happy. and it’s so bloggable! it’s just a lack of time and dedication right now. it seems like i’ve put my time and dedication into working out instead, which is great in one way, but then again should be an even greater motivator for me to eat real food.

how can i cure my lack of food inspo right now? boohooooo. help.

birthday weekend - saturday.

saturday in dolo.

foreign cinema.


jag har varit sämst på att äta (och blogga om) snygg mat på sistone! så himla tråkigt. jag lagar typ aldrig mat, känner mig som en loser. äter typ bara burritos ute, fula sallader, snabbnudlar eller annat oombloggningsvärt. hur ta sig ur detta liksom!?