★ the pop photoshoot ★

so as some of you saw, i mentioned that juanita who is a photographer wanted to do a photoshoot with me on pop culture. well of course, i said. it was super fun. here is the result!!

_MG_3651_MF _MG_3653_MF _MG_3655_MF _MG_3659_MF _MG_3661_MF _MG_3673_MF

we did some in front of this absolutely beautiful vanity table backstage at the photo studio. the light here is just amazing. want this at home.

Vicky_Pop25072845_MF Vicky_Pop25072867_MF Vicky_Pop25072868_MF Vicky_Pop25072874_MF Vicky_Pop25072876_MF

and then these colorful ones! very pop artsy indeed, and i got to strike all my *blogger poses*. : )) fun fun.

Vicky_Pop25072884_MF Vicky_Pop25072886_MF Vicky_Pop25072891_MF

we switched out the background to a blue one too and took a few with me in my poppy red vintage dress.

Vicky_Pop25072905_MF Vicky_Pop25072920_MF Vicky_Pop25072933_MF Vicky_Pop25072956_MF

and then a couple in this floral one. look at this last pic, juanita caught this, so funny how my rose tattoo really melts in with the dress! don’t you think?

Vicky_Pop25072958_MF Vicky_Pop25072960_MF Vicky_Pop25072964_MF

*goofy me* haha. got so many beautifully shot pictures from her, but i think these are more than enough. i’m sure you feel like *vicky overload* already.

what do you guys think? do you like them?

all pictures are taken by juanita angel. a few super minor edits by me.


juanita som är fotograf hörde av sig till mig och ville göra en pop-inspirerad plåtning med mig. och det kan man ju inte säga nej till! såhär blev det! några riktigt backstage-iga framför en fantastisk teaterspegel backstage på fotostudion, och så ett gäng framför en blå respektive gul fond. tyckte detta vart så kul och bra!

vad tycker ni? puss.

four workout outfits.

happy monday a.k.a. back to reality-day. and accordingly enough, i’ve prepared some workout outfits today. (SO monday.) let’s have a look.


top: white mesh top and green sports bra (that you probably can’t see anyways) from cubus. this is the only loose top that i wear. i prefer tight boxer tank tops to work out in!

bottom: running tights from calvin klein. although i need to say, not very runnable. i only do bodystrength and stuff like this is these; this fabric is kind of glossy and not super tight so they slide down when i run. don’t know if the size is too big but i think it’s the fabric. too bad, calvin. i thought you’d do better.


this is an all-target outfit. and it totally kills the myth that brand products are always better. i really like this outfit. looks good, feels good and in addition is kind of cheap. thumbs up to target.


this is probably the one workout outfit i’ve worn the most. the tank and sports bra are from h&m and tights from nike. and here, i’m going back to brand preaching, but everything nike does .. you know. always so good. have had these nike dri fits for super long and they’re still the best the best.

this h&m top + sports bra are really good too, i’m surprised at the quality. i tried a pair of h&m running pants once though, they were terrible.


another cubus outfit. they’re okay. cheap and fun colors. the tanks are kind of wear and tear and lose their original form after a while, but okay for sweating in on a treadmill. the tights are okay to be cubus, they’ve kept their quality super well for a long time but have a thin cord in the waist which is not super well designed.

as for shoes, these are what i use for the time being:

DSC03498 2

these neon/gray nike free 5.0. they’re super duper light and comfortable. since they are mostly fabric and barely have a shell at the top (which is what makes them so light), they don’t protect well at all if it’s even the slightest bit wet outside. your feet will get soaked. but sf is a dry city indeed and i mostly workout indoors anyways and for that, they’re perfect and i really really like them.

DSC03499 2

hope that’s an inspiring kickstart to the week! happy monday!


fyra träningsoutfits:

1. vit topp och grön träningsbehå från cubus. detta är den enda lösa träningstoppen jag använder, föredrar tajt boxarlinne annars, alltid alltid. byxorna är från calvin klein och för att vara det märket ändå så är jag besviken. de är snygga men tyget är jätteblankt och glider ner lätt. kan alltså ej springa i dessa utan tränar bara styrka i.

2. hela denna outfit är från target! superamerikansk jätteaffär med liksom allt från mat till kläder till elektronik, hehe. är otroligt positivt överraskad dock! både snyggt, fuktionellt, bekvämt och så billigt som en extra guldstjärna. heja target!

3. min mest använda träningsoutfit. upptill topp och sportbehå från h&m (har hållt så bra så länge) och nike dri fit på benen. allt nike gör = bäst. alltid.

4. cubuslinne och tights och lila sportbehå som ändå inte syns från h&m. cubus är ju sådär, billigt, kul färger, slit och släng liksom. linnena tappar sin form litegranna (men bara lite!) efter ett tag men funkar att svettas i på ett band liksom. är förvånad över att träningsbrallorna hållt så pass bra, tumme upp. dock lite konstigt designade i midjan med ett jobbigt snöre som är lite weird.

skorna: nike free 5.0 i grått/neongult. tycker om dessa så mycket! de väger absolut ingenting och är så himla bekväma. att de är lätta har ju att göra med att de inte har så mycket skal upptill (bara mesh i princip) och om det är blött ute och man springer är det ju inte superbra, då blir man blöt om fötterna direkt, men det funkar fint för mig pga 1. san francisco är alltid torrt 2. tränar för det mesta inomhus ändå. puss på nike!

my everything in pictures.

a picture from a friday night:


the absolutely amazing food truck festival off the grid takes place here every friday. i was there like 20 times last year, but only .. 2??? this year???

a picture from a sunday morning:

sf pride.

sf pride was on a sunday this year! it was so so good, my god. it was my first pride that i’ve taken part in here in sf. or actually, anywhere, ever. wow. so so good, and this is what the whole day looked like.

a picture describing why fall is wonderful:

hardly strictly bluegrass.

even though september and october almost are hotter than june and july here in sf, it’s something with the light. as always in this city. this is from last year’s hardly strictly bluegrass festival, which this year is happening exactly RIGHT NOW. i’m bringing my camera and will show you all, guys.

a picture of you that you like:

maui/lahaina pali trail.

jens took this one of me in hawaii. i love the light here, and that i look like a rockstar (no pun intended. rock ….. star. get it? ok i’m outta here)

a picture of something you do every day:


instagramming of course! very greatly captured by juanita in our photoshoot that i’ll show you within a few days!

a picture of something you find luxurious:


my beautiful vintage dior bag. that i left in sweden! gosh. need to bring it here asap.

a picture of something that makes you happy:

weekend mischief.

frenchies and the sun! always and forever.

a picture describing reality:

my view.

i tried to find a really boring *reality picture* but it seems like i don’t keep those. luckily, this IS really reality as it’s the view from my window. it’s a southfacing view and i can see at&t park, portrero hill and twin peaks from here. so nice.

a picture of a really good breakfast:


this was a lovely one. it’s from christmas day 2013, the year i stayed with ida and her family over christmas. they took such good care of me. <3

a picture of something you love doing:

high line park.

walk walk walk forever through big cities. this is my absolute best thing in life. gosh.

a picture of something really cute:


i think this is kinda cute! when me and jens dressed up as princess and firefox for halloween last year. have absolutely no idea for this year yet. need to start brainstorming.

a picture of your friends:


i’ll take this squad for this one. it’s our lovely gal fam (+elin and caroline not pictured) who went to the same class in sweden during our bachelor’s. we were so many girls and we all got along so well and had so much fun??? insane. miss them so.

a picture of your family:

sushi with dad.

hai dad *wave*

a picture of something you got as a gift:

my birthday pt 1.

for my birthday this year, louise treated me with so much lovely things. stuff, food and thoughtfulness. so very sweet.

a picture of something that feels like spring:


karlavägen in stockholm. stockholm in general. the trees are still sleepy but the light is spring all along. <3

a picture that wasn’t meant to turn out good but did anyways:


this is from oslo. lived in this ugly house for a super short while (and hated it), so it’s kind of nice that the bird appeared above it when i was snapping a picture of it. changed the whole feeling in this pic.

a picture from a fun party:


this was a fun one! and recent too. it’s from this summer when i was at apple and hung out at a huse party with apple colleagues and gopro people. the selfie stick was the life of the party clearly.

a picture that really describes your life:

sf fog city.

so, this is market street. this is where i walk back and forth like 4 times a day, everyday. lucky me SF is beautiful even in the middle of the city.

a picture from your work:

first days in sf.

outside of it, at least!

a picture from a good hair day:


as you might know, i don’t have a *haircut*. it’s just my hair. hence, everyday is sort of the same. but oh well, a better one might be something like this.

a picture of you with perfect makeup:


when the eyeliner’s on fleek = good makeup day.

a picture of your feet:


i bought these shoes in tokyo and they were my fav for so so long. fun fact: didn’t ever paint my toenails until i was like 22 or something, while i painted my fingernails from when i was like … 10. and i have no idea why.

a picture of you in your best outfit:

saturday outfit + pizza.

not that this exact one is necessarily my best outfit, but something along these lines. skirt or dress of this length, fab shoes and tight jeans jacket.

a picture of your home:


sorry guys, i have like zero pictures of my home. it’s super hard to photograph and since it’s not only me who’s living here, i need to respect that. well, here you can see a little part behind me. kitchen, hallway and the bathroom where the light is on.

a picture of the city you live in:

golden gate bridge.

love you

a picture that makes up a good end to this list:


this dreamy one from yosemite!! wish i was here right now. <3

happy sunday my loves.


en bildlista! från början hittad hos elsa och översatt av mig. google translate-länk finns till höger i menyn förresten, om något var knepigt eller oklart på engelska. puss och glad söndag!


folsom street fair.

HEY GUYS, i’m SO STOKED to show you my sunday at folsom street fair, which is the world’s biggest bdsm fair. and like ONE block away from my house!! i was there last year too and captured a couple of seconds of the festival in a september summary film, but i was better prepared this time with proper outfit and camera.

please be advised that there might be nudity in this post, click away if that’s an issue. i have filtered the worst ones out already though .. : )

and: please note that i asked everyone i was taking pictures of if it was okay. this is a mostly gay event and i really don’t want to make it look like i’m just *woOooO clueless straight white girl doing cultural appropriation*, but everyone was super open and positive. san francisco has a super inviting scene for this type of subculture.

OK end of disclaimer let’s check it oouuuuut

folsom street fair.

so much fabness going down at folsom.

folsom street fair.

folsom street fair.

all sexualities welcome. lbgt, straight or bear. and by bear, i mean every kind of bear. : )

folsom street fair.

i went with jens (who totally disappointed me with his vanilla outfit, a.k.a. jeans and t-shirt while i had clearly dressed up), so it was refreshing to see some good outfit action going on here. i mean, the whole fair was basically crazy outfit action going on.

folsom street fair.

unicorn <3

folsom street fair.

isn’t this the greatest pic? yes. yes it is.

folsom street fair.

folsom street fair.

then, me and jens accidentally bumped into these vanillas, hugo, marcus, linnéa, ida and sara. these guys really need to step up their outfit game for next year. falling asleep just looking at them .. zzzzZZZ : ) jk but more appropriate clothing next year yes?

folsom street fair.

thinking something along these lines.

folsom street fair.

then, me and jens stumbled into this tent! tom of finland! i had never heard about this up until recently, when jens told me about it. it’s finnish gay art that emerged in a time and environment when and where gay culture was not too big yet. very cool. and manly.

folsom street fair.

i posed in their very hardcore bed of course.

folsom street fair.

beautiful sheets!

folsom street fair.

met these two queens as well!!! gosh <3 saw the person to the left at sf pride too, but then in white lace instead. my god. wish i could be as fab.

folsom street fair.

this one was so cool. seems like it might be hard to breathe? _very_ stylish tho.

folsom street fair.

folsom street fair.

and after hours of walking, posing with beautiful people, eating streetfood and witnessing some whipping action, me and my boring vanilla friend jens went home.

BEST DAY EVER. can’t wait for next year *gold glitter emoji*


gudars alltså. i söndags ägde alltså folsom street fair rum på en gata ett litet block ifrån mig. det är alltså världens största bdsm-festival och guuuuud vilket sjukt härligt event. OBS att jag är mycket medveten om att jag kan uppfattas som *straight vit brud* *cultural appropriation* men pratade med så sjukt många i detta community som välkomnade mig med öppna armar och frågade även prick alla om de var okej med foton och sånt.

OKEJ hur som helst så ja alltså spana in allt detta härliga. sf i allmänhet och FSF i synnerhet är ju ganska bög-tätt, men alla sexualiteter är välkomna liksom. så jag gick dit med jens och strosade i flera timmar. så så så fint och bra och härligt och befriande och allt på samma gång. spana in alla dessa bilder bara. så bra.

mötte tre heta maskerade bögar, en enhörning och två transvestiter. bland mycket mycket annat. så sjukt mycket posande denna dag. tack till min vaniljvän jens som ändå inte är så pepp på att vara med på bild. bästa eventet på länge länge.

possibly the most beautiful country i’ve been to.

a while back, i posted a throwback from mexico city, one of the stops on my backpacking trip 2013. today, i thought i’d do the same, looking back at some new old unpublished pics from back then. but this time from cuba, which was my next stop on the trip. ♥

cuba throwback.

i was around the whole west part of cuba, but started in beautiful havana. this is what all cars in whole havana look like. the old cars are absolutely beautiful, but it’s also a little sad because it’s still a dictatorship and the embargo made it impossible importing new cars and you know. politics.

cuba throwback.

on our way to viñales, me and my little group stopped here. the mountains here were insane and you almost can’t believe that this exists. such a green paradise.


meat eating plant!!!!! ok no jk. (something in that realm though.)

cuba throwback.

so this is the little town viñales. it rained SO so heavily when we arrived it was insane really. but then i understood how this place could be so green and beautiful : ) i stayed here for a couple of days, had so much fresh fruit to eat and went horseback riding through the tobacco fields.

cuba throwback.

not eating meat while backpacking in the caribbean was hard sometimes. i ate a lot of rice, egg, beans and plantain. i did not complain though! everything was totally fine. especially fresh pineapple and papaya in the morning. great!

cuba throwback.

at maria la gorda, on cuba’s west end, i saw this guy. one of the world’s smallest birds. can you spot it? it’s the MINI black little dot at the tip of a branch. s’cute!!

cuba throwback.

caribbean means mandatory bathing. so that’s what i did, with my new friends mel and maggie from australia, emma from denmark, and three norwegian guys: jon, eivind and rune. we played drinking games all night (with havana club of course) and tried cohibas.

cuba throwback.

in pinar del rio, i got to visit the house of polo montañez, a cuban singer who died in a car accident in 2002. this guy was there welcoming us at his old house. see his hat? it says “guajiro natural”, which is a song by polo montañes. kinda catchy!

cuba throwback.

cuba throwback.

after seeing a painter’s atelier in las terrazas, i returned to havana. could be the most beautiful city i’ve been to. probably. the architecture is just magical.

cuba throwback.

cuba throwback.

cuba throwback.

you all seriously _need_ to go here. it’s so crazy beautiful. and since obama lifted the embargo recently, i think a lot will change here and get americanized super quickly. go while it’s still kind of preserved, because it’s like no other place in the world.

if you want to see more pics from here, here are the posts that i wrote at the actual time.

– KUBA (ett grönskande himla paradis).

på hästrygg genom tobaksfälten.

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

tre norrmän och en massa (andra) djur.

lovely lady havana.

kuba, sista delen.


idag kör jag en throwback thursday till juli för två år sedan, för då var jag och backpackade i karibien. för ett tag sedan körde jag en throwback till mexico city också (länk), så idag blir det kuba!

jag var runt hela västra delen av kuba och startade och slutade i havanna. VACKRASTE STAN JAG SETT. bilarna är jättegamla vilket är både flott och sorgligt pga det har ju med embargot att göra. kuba är ju fortfarande en diktatur och folket har det liksom fortfarande svårt.

iallafall! åkte ner till viñales och maria la gorda, allt var grönt och vackert och jag åt färsk frukt och red genom tobaksfält. stannade till i pinar del rio för att hälsa på en kubansk musikers hem och kika in i en romfabrik innan jag rörde mig tillbaka till havanna. mychet havana club, salsa och cohiba alltså. lärde känna ett gäng andra skandinaver och kuba var bäst helt enkelt. åk hit nu nu nu innan det blir helt exploaterat. och eftersom obama hävde embargot i år så lär detta hända jättesnart. puss

ten things that have happened lately.


◢ i’ve had time to watch stuff again. so i started with a new series. →orange is the new black

◣ i’ve worn too little glitter eyeliner. needs to happen again soon.

◤ i’ve made lovely fish tacos and wondered why i don’t eat this all of the time.

◥ it has rained on me for the first time in like months. cali livin’.

◢ i’ve realized that i like diet coke more than regular one, or mexican coke. or even glass bottle.


◣ i’ve bought a pen that i thought i needed but that i realized that i already had.

◤ i’ve made new friends. such a good feeling.

◥ i’ve seen zero movies. as per usual. feels a little good and a little sad.

◢ i’ve erased apps that i don’t use. i absolutely love throwing things away, both physical and digital.

◣ i’ve had the perfect avocado. absolutely perfect.



tio saker som hänt på sistone:

◢ jag har haft tid att kolla på saker igen, så jag har börjat på en ny serie. → orange is the new black

◣ jag har haft alldeles för lite glittereyeliner i det sista. måste hända snart igen.

◤ jag har gjort helt lovely fish tacos och undrat varför jag inte äter det hela tiden. 

◥ det har regnat på mig för första gången på flera månader typ. cali livin’.

◢ jag har insett att jag tycker om cola light mer än vanlig cola. ja, mer än mexikansk. och till och med glasflaska.

◣ jag har köpt en penna som jag trott att jag behövt men som det visade sig att jag redan haft.

◤ jag har lärt känna nya personer. en mycket bra känsla.

◥ jag har sett noll filmer. som vanligt då. känns både lite bra och lite deppigt.

◢ jag har raderat appar som jag inte använder. fullkomligt älskar att slänga saker, både fysiska och digitala.

◣ jag har ätit den perfekta avokadon. den absolut perfekta.

dominatrix, dreamy tennis dress and other outfits.

per classic blogger style, here are some recent outfits of mine.


so! i saw this absolute beauty the other day. the perfect dress à la 60’s tennis!! fell absolutely in love.


there were almost no sizes left, but this one fit! so happy about this one. especially since it’s indian summer here in sf and hence warm for quite a while longer. AH. it’s from h&m, by the way.


shameless bathroom selfie yes, always. need to take advantage of the huge bathroom mirror anyways.


so this is what i wore for a night out sipping whiskey soda in la mission. jeans designed by sandra for jc and crop top from forever 21.


speaking of which, i recently got some accessories at forever 21 *unsustainable shopping* (sorry). medium high striped socks (channeling my inner cheerleader as always),


and plain black bag with mini purse. this beloved one from marc jacobs finally gave up after me using it like every single day, so i went for plain black this time. and also love that it’s not real leather *go green team!!*


one day, i did this ultra american one. circus pants/h&m, tank/lager 157, varsity jacket/vintage. viva america


and, bonus!! my outfit for folsom street fair, world’s biggest bdsm fair. it was SO much fun. i’ll show you some pics soon soon soon. but just imagine that me in this outfit was still kind of vanilla compared to the rest of the crowd. AH, love sf. <333


en uppdatering på klädfronten *är en bloggare*

1. såg den där DRÖMMEN till sextiotalsinspirerad tennisklänning på h&m. dog. fanns typ TRE ex kvar varav EN var i min storlek precis. haffade på dirren. ser såååå mkt fram emot att ha denna!!!

2.  badrumsselfie-kavalkad innan utgång i mission: jeansen från sandra beijer för jc och pastellrosa crop top från forever 21.

3. cheerleadersockor!!! pepp pepp pepp cheerleader är ju min spirit animal ni vet

4. ny väska! min gröna canvasväska från marc jacobs gick till slut heeeelt sönder pga haft så så så mkt. det fick bli denna cleana svarta i icke-läder (<3) med liten portmonnä till att ha nycklar och grejor i. både sockor och väska är från forever 21 förresten!

5. superamerikanska outfiten! blått rött och vitt all over. h&m-byxor, baslinne från lager 157 och varsityjackan är vintage.

6. haha, bonus!! detta hade jag på mig när jag drog till folsom street fair här i sf i söndags, det är världens största bdsm-mässa!!! det var så jävla bra och kul alltså jeeez. lovar att visa lite lite snart.


seven amazing links.


photographer deconstructs processed foods down to their chemical components. ew. seriously. fascinating but mostly sickening. especially the twinkies one, check that one out in the gallery … wow.


ikea just had the perfect reaction to the apple pencil. love apple, love ikea. two of the greatest companies in the world, with a perfect sense of humor.


the twitter account best earth pix. now i want to go absolutely everywhere. again. damn it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.11.50 PM

the { } and. interactive video stories about people’s relationships where they answer sensitive and personal questions. beautiful and touching storytelling.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.12.31 PM

typeface-inspired eyeglasses. i’m absolutely fascinated by typography and love these type-inspired glasses from wieden+kennedy tokyo. beaut.


reynoldskitchens on instagram. i’m totally uninterested in this brand, but they have SUCH a pretty feed overview on instagram, where everything is one continuous overhead shot on a table. it’s also changing with seasons and giving you recipes! love it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.19.49 PM

ending this post with some good ol’ harry potter tumblr jokes. oh and btw: how did harry potter get down the hill? walking.


j k rowling


här har ni sju fantastiska länkar att kickstarta veckan med!

behind the scenes.

the other day, my photographer friend juanita asked me to do a photoshoot on pop culture with her. so i did! it was great and the pics turned out awesome. i promise to share them and tell you more about it asap, but check out these behind-the-scenes from my phone in the mean time!


NEED a vanity table like this one with lightbulbs in my life. some day.


look at this flash! so so huge. and little little me. in floral forever 21 dress and jeffrey campbell flatforms.


*just powerposing a little*



that’s it for now!! bye from this koala. stay tuned for the real super pics that are not from a phone camera (even though i love my iphone 6 *hands towards the sky-emoji*). happy sunday!!


min fotografvän juanita ville ha en plåtning med mig med tema popkultur. så det gjorde vi! här är några BTS från min telefon så länge. lovar att visa de riktiga bilderna snarast, de blev himla fina. så kul att bli fotad *på riktigt* for once! glad söndag på er!

the six and a half language vlog.

BONJOUR my friends and happy freitag!!! i know several of you have been asking me to do a vlog with all the languages that i speak. SO HERE IT IS! enjoy your weekends, sweethearts. x