ten things to do a weekend in february.

a walk with alex and jaak.

keith haring.




» go online and look for tickets on traveling sites. dream about adventures and secret places on the other side of the world.

» be hungover and binge watch flight of the conchords.

» have a little spa moment with a long bath and mini manicure with yourself.

» read not that kind of girl in bed.

» if you’re in sweden: go to ALL of the museums, since it’s free admission again now starting february! yay yay!

» run.

» make these chickpea, carrot and ginger balls that sandra posted the other day.

» watch super bowl.

» take a long walk and listen to call your girlfriend.

» go out with a friend and try on a bunch of clothes you will never buy.




N Y E.

oslo sunday.


tio saker att göra en helg i februari:

» leta flygbiljetter online och drömma sig bort till äventyr långt borta.

» vara bakis och strötitta flight of the conchords.

» ha ett litet spa med sig själv med långbad och minimanikyr.

» läsa not that kind of girl i sängen.

» för alla som är i sverige: gå på alla himla muséer nu när inträdet är borttaget igen!

» springa.

» göra dessa kikärts-, morot- och ingefärsbollarna som sandra postade härom dagen.

» kolla super bowl.

» ta en långpromenad och lyssna på call your girlfriend.

» gå ut på stan med en kompis och prova kläder ni aldrig kommer köpa.

vanilla buns and victorious babes.

anna maría & annika.

i promise to give you a california update as soon as possible, but i just need to make a last reporting from stockholm. so: this is the semla! the late january-early february pride of the swedish nation.

anna maría & annika.

i obviously needed to consume at least one during my stay. one was happening here, at vetekatten. with the lovely blogger ladies annika and anna maría. yay!!

anna maría & annika.

i sported my new t-shirt and a little mirror wave.

anna maría & annika.

vetekatten is the sweetest place. old school everything!

anna maría & annika.

we had one mini vanilla semla each. it was so good!

anna maría & annika.

so lovely to reunite with this superstar.

anna maría & annika.

and this one!

anna maría & annika.

and we talked about advertising lyfe, injuries and other stuff of importance, of course. happy bloggy semly party ★★★★★★


hade en fin liten bloggreunion med fina annika och anna maría på vetekatten härom veckan! vi åt minivaniljsemlor (gå hit! ät detta!) och pratade om blog life, reklamindustrin och annat viktigt. hurra hurra för sötsaker och grymma bruds ★


being home in stockholm now over the holidays means hanging out at my dad’s = being surrounded by pictures of me as a child. they are seriously so amusing and i really feel like i need to share them with you!! i have tried to put them in a kind-of chronological order, even though i’m not 100% sure. whatever, here are twelve pictures from between like 1994 and 2004 (ish).


how old could i be here? eh, 3-4? (i’m super bad at determining kids’ ages…including my own). strong shirt game though ~90s kid~. and probably my cutest stage. want myself as a child when i see this one.


i find this one soooo funny. *happy boy bathing*


this is by the way the bob cut that i had the whoooole time growing up.


around five (???) here and in that lovely velvet dress.


HEHE. great face going on here.


when i turned six, i started playing piano. i played for about seven years and was really really good at some point. then, teenagery started and i *obvi* had more important rebellious things to do.

STRONGEST OUTFIT probably ever. just look. cowboy hat, fast-as-fuck sunnies, crazy fleece pants and the best shoes i’ve ever had. i mean just look. *crying*


just as the previous pic, this one is from malta. i was maybe 11-12 here. just doing the casual outfit of the day sesh u kno


5th grade in elementary school. had already set my preferred diet 4 life, obv


fast forward to ninth grade or something like that. long hair, pierced, *emo inside* etc.


OK. all of you swedes out there must remember the svea beanie during the ~fjortis~years. oh my god i wore it all of the time. (AND — fabulous fact right here – the “M” around my neck is not my secret bf but stands for marshall. MATHERS, that is. EMINEM, that is. ok, there you go. THAT’S what was up back then.)


ending off this throwback sesh with a highschool portrait. omg so glad those years are over. hehe.


var ju hemma hos min pappa nu över julen = omringad av bilder på mig själv som barn. VSG njut/skratta/fasa/etc.

five lovely instagram accounts.

seriously, the accounts in my insta feed are so great. there are so many talented, funny and inspirational people out there, and i have managed to find a bunch of them. today, i want to share with you five of them.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.30.00 AM

just a genius painting hot bearded dudes. <3


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.30.30 AM

for you swedish speakers out there. ester draws funny-sad, anxiety-driven disney and martin kellerman-mockery comics. very spot on about life, dudes, love and anxiety.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.30.59 AM

this guy is living le DREAM LIFE taking selfies with quokkas and other australia amazingness. *crying*


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.14.45 AM

instagram at its instagrammest!!!!! ♥


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.31.39 AM

this account is just what it sounds like. tinder nightmares. ~GREETINGS FROM FUCKBOY LAND~

earlier instagram tips of mine (hehe, SO MANY posts i know):

different is beautiful.



five instagrams.

four lovely hashtags.

five dog instagrams.




best animal instagrams.





fem fantastiska instagrams! hehe, samt ultrakavalkaden av alla andra blogginlägg där jag tipsat om grymma instakonton tidigare.

this year’s first photobooth and other splendid things.

wilda, tove & olivier.

look. just look at this perfect halloumi salad. where did you have the privilege to consume this beauty? you might ask.

wilda, tove & olivier.

oh well, at louie louie of course! with wilda! in stockholm! reunion! (and i’m sorry about the quality of this picture, my camera has not been behaving the way i want it too lately, i hope it’s not broken or anything)

wilda, tove & olivier.

after lunch, we walked towards old town. i had my grey melange coat, marc jacobs bag, dr martens heels and my gudrun sjödén scarf that i love!

wilda, tove & olivier.

stockholm was cold but beautiful. as per usual.

wilda, tove & olivier.

and wilda had remembered my new year’s resolution of trying to take more photo booth pictures and dragged me into a booth in the subway. SO GOOD.

wilda, tove & olivier.

since my stockholm visit was just one long fika marathon, i headed over to sally voltaire.

wilda, tove & olivier.

with tove and olivier! we went to berghs at the same time in the fall of 2013. definitely time to catch up.

wilda, tove & olivier.

sally voltaire was by the way new to me, since i left 2+ years ago. it’s on the top floor in åhléns city and they have lots of organic stuff. and it has a little bit of an ikea vibe, don’t you think? i think so. in a good way!

wilda, tove & olivier.

if i’m lucky, this genius will come over to sf later this spring! keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

wilda, tove & olivier.



kolla min fina söndag! fick äntligen träffa min fina wilda igen! vi gjorde’t över halloumisalladen på louie louie och pratade ikapp det senaste året och alla andra år. <3 sen prommade vi över mot gamla stan och knäppte lite bilder och allt var fint och kallt. vid centralen tog vi årets första fotobåsbilder!! det var ju ett av mina nyårsmål för i år och det kom hon ihåg minsann :)

på eftermiddagen mötte jag upp fina tove och olivier på sally voltaire och fikade länge och pratade om jobb och sånt (vi gick på berghs samtidigt nämligen). så mycket spännande som händer i alla våra liv! och förresten, olivier kanske kommer över till sf i maj, håll tummarna!

åh stockhoooooolm orkar ej dej <3

almost missing the flight, polish food and death.

i am back in san francisco by now — or at least, i should be (posting this advance) — but i just wanted to take a little moment to look back on some fantastic moments from oslo and stockholm before i start the spring in sf. ♥

› when i was leaving stockholm for oslo and calculated one hour wrong, arrived to arlanda 24 minutes before my flight was taking off, but made it (thanks to panic and helpful staff).

› when i could hug my old colleagues in oslo again, and get to know new ones. work as a team and talk about tattoos and travel memories.

› when i had a day off, lit candles, made a big cup of tea and read a book in bed while the snow was falling outside.

› when me and christoffer watched youtube clips on the floor. we laughed, and then got serious and talked about death.

› when my polish colleague who could be my mom invited me home and fed me fantastic polish food that i hadn’t had in years and spoke polish and mixed it with norwegian and swedish.

› when i thought i needed to carry heavy moving boxes when coming back to stockholm but realized that my dad had already done everything for me alone.

› when me and david and august and johan and erik met again, in a basement in old town and talked about 2007 and 2008, about how we were stupid and immortal.

› when i had a fantastic bouillabaisse at foam with my longest-time bestie joanna and micael bindefeldt said hi, smiled, and sat down at the table text to us.

› when i was feeling like shit one day, but then got a good night’s sleep and had flow at the gym the next day.

› having had a fantastic month but still looking forward, wanting to fly back to sf. <3


när jag skriver detta är jag snart på väg till flygplatsen, men förhoppningsvis har jag hunnit komma fram som jag ska när ni läser det här. är peppad på att börja sf-våren, men vill ändå kolla tillbaka på några vackra glimtar från oslo och stockholm.

› när jag skulle flyga till oslo och råkade räkna en hel timme fel och kom fram till arlanda 24 minuter innan planet lyfte, men hann med ändå tack vare panik och snäll personal.

› när jag fick krama om min gamla oslokollegor igen, och lära känna nya. jobba som ett team och prata om tatueringar och reseminnen.

› när jag hade en ledig dag och tände ljus, gjorde en stor kopp te och läste en bok i sängen medan snön föll utanför.

› när jag och toffe kollade på youtubeklipp på golvet. vi skrattade men blev sen seriösa och pratade om döden.

› när min polska kollega som är lite som en extramamma bjöd hem mig till sig och matade mig med fantastisk polsk mat och vi pratade polska och blandade in norska och svenska ord och det var så fint så fint.

› när jag trodde att jag skulle behöva bära tunga flyttlådor en hel dag men kommer till sverige och min pappa redan har gjort det själv innan.

› när jag och david och agge och johan och erik återförenades igen, i en källare i gamla stan, och pratade om 2008 och 2008 och om hur vi var dumma och odödliga.

› när jag åt den mest fantastiska bouillabaissen på foam med bästa joanna och micael bindefeldt kommer in, ler och säger hej och sätter sig vid bordet bredvid.

› när jag mådde absolut skit en dag men fick en god natts sömn och kunde gå upp och få flow på gymmet dagen efter.

› att ha haft en fantastisk månad men ändå se fram emot, längta efter, att få flyga tillbaka till sf. <3

dinner tip: a top stockholm burger.

here comes a great burger tip for all you who will be hanging out in stockholm anytime soon! it’s like half-new (opened 2013 (ok that’s not THAT new, but i haven’t been living in sweden for 2+ years)) and i was there for the first time the other day and fell in love!

prime burger.

this location is the one in the city center, behind hötorget on holländargatan.

prime burger.

it’s kind of small and narrow in a cozy way.

prime burger.

they’re very hipster. all of the beers are hipster beers, and even the non-alcoholic drinks are hipster drinks like this elderflower drink. right, they do have *mainstream* *big corporation* coke, but it comes in a glass bottle, so it’s kind of hipster anyways).

prime burger.

THIS is what the food looks like. tell me it’s not beautiful???? they have like 13 different burgers, but all three of us ordered a california burger — one with cream cheese and avocado. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? all burgers can be made into HALLOUMI burgers if you don’t eat meat. AH heaven. oh and sweet potato fries with cilantro and truffle mayonnaise. hghlfs.

prime burger.

i promise you, it tastes extra fantastic if you devour the thing while catching up with your old friends. like matilda.

prime burger.

and moa! ah the burger glory. go here if you haven’t been! pronto!


me, matilda and moa went to a lovely burger place in stockholm the other day, prime burger co. we each ordered a california burger — one with cream cheese and avocado. matilda had the meat version and me and moa the halloumi burger version (!!! all of their 13 burgers can be made halloumi, gah heaven ok thx). on the side we had sweet potato fries with cilantro and truffle mayo and hipster beverages. go here if you haven’t been!

one week in stockholm through 14 phone pics.

tomorrow, it’s time for me to go back to san francisco! can’t believe i’ve been away for over a month. as you know, i was first in oslo for about three weeks and then in stockholm for ten days, so let’s look at these last stockholm days through my phone!


i started off my stockholm stay with my friend kaos. she took me climbing! i haven’t done this in a couple of years, but it was soo fun and it went much better than expected!


i got to experience the new swedish bills for the first time. they feel like monopoly money, but they’re cute at least. hi astrid!


strolling along hornsgatan. <3


okay, so .. i really have tried not to shop too much stuff (since i have SO MUCH that i need to take back to sf!!), but this sweater needed to come with me home!


as well as this grey t-shirt that i have underneath my coat here.


this past friday, i finally got to meet these girls, as i told you all about the other day.


our la neta dinner was lovely.


the day after we met up at femtopia where they have this kickass poster on the wall. “NO MANSPLAINING PLEASE, LITTLE MAN! BECAUSE OF REASONS” <3


one morning i walked by stockholm’s most beautiful corner (karlavägen/engelbrektsgatan). i went to school just next to this moose and i needed to say hi to it again. nostalgia!!


and this is around the corner from the moose. danderydsgatan, one of the cutest streets <3 (by the way, the green building to the immediate right is the back entrance of my school. deutsche schule stockholm!)


joanna is the person who has been in my life the longest — since 1995! i visited her for lunch and she baked pizza <3


and her mom’s AMAZING saffron ice cream for dessert. <3


earlier this week, i managed to squeeze in a fika with lovely gals annika and anna maría.


and then this FABULOUS burger date with my beloved friends moa and matilda (and i WILL tell you more about this day and this burger and the place because it deserves its own post!).


senaste stockholmsveckan genom min telefon! har klättrat, köpt kläder fastän jag inte borde, tagit en sväng förbi min gamla skola tyska skolan på karlavägen och hälsat på vackra älgen där på hörnet. har hängt med en massa fantastiska tjejer och ätit såååå mycket god mat. hembakad pizza och saffransglass hon min äldsta barndomsvän joanna, minivaniljsemla på vetekatten och en magisk burgare (som jag ska berätta mer om snart!!) på prime burger. <3

the terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances.

okay so don’t get this post title wrong. yes, i do run from time to time, but what i wanted to tell you about today was a book (or rather a comic book album) with this exact name as the post title.


my friend johan gave me this one when i was at his place for dinner the other day. it’s written by matthew inman, who also has drawn 1000 other fantastic stuff, like for example how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you, that i blogged about briefly almost five years ago.

i didn’t know what to expect from this, but i read it in one go on the subway ride home. and oh my god. this is such a sad and true and relatable story disguised as a comic.

instead of bombarding us with *fitspo* and *inspirational quotes*, he describes the absolute truth about the constant struggle about not to quit (if you can’t read the text, i’ve transcribed it under the pictures):


i do not believe in the wall. i believe in the blerch. the blerch is a fat little cherub who follows me when i run. he is a wretched, lazy beast.

“slow down, captain speedypants! let’s go home! we’ve got gravy to eat and naps to conquer! also, the robocop trilogy on netflix ain’t gonna watch itself.”

he tells me to slow down, to walk, to quit.

“blerch” is the sound food makes when it is squeezed out of a tube. “blerch” is the shape of my tummy after a huge meal. if i am sedentary at a time when i have zero excuse for being sedentary, i call this “blerching”. the blerch represents all form of gluttony, apathy and indifference that plague my life.

he shares with us his (to me absolutely relatable) relation to food:


they say you should treat your body like a temple. i treat mine like a fast-moving dumpster. my feeding habits are that of a trained circus animal: every time i do a trick, i get a reward. it’s awful. it’s unhealthy. it frightens the elderly. but i take no joy in dieting.

running through forests and over mountains and under massive cityscapes makes me feel alive. eating iceberg lettuce and counting calories makes me feel tired and robotic.

and the terrible and not so constructive relationship with running that i bet many of us can relate to:


i run long distances for the worst possible reason: i run to eat. i punish my body outdoors to atone for my atrocities indoors. “seriously?! gladiator AGAIN?! also, i really don’t think it’s good for you to keep eating like that.” -“NONSENSE! I RAN TWENTY MILES TODAY!”

i know i should stop. but i’m not going to. [*sluuuuurrrpp* “aren’t you entertained???!”]

the horrible, scary food ghosts inside of your head:


“well do you think maybe i should go for a run after this?” -“A RUN? NONSENSE? you’re tapering for your next big race.” -“but that’s like five months awa-” -“NONSENSE! you’re a champ, and a champ needs his rest.”

“proud of you, buddy.” [*zzzzzz*]

and the terrible excuses:



there’s no rush. have a snack instead. maybe a nap, too. seriously, just take it easy. take a load off, buddy. you earned it. eat the whole cake. eat the whole goddamned thing.

seriously, this album looks funny and jokey, but it is so so strong and sad and true and fantastic, and i just read it in one go and laughed and teared up in the subway and just want to go out and run again somewhere where it’s not snowy on something that isn’t a treadmill (which he also expresses his strong dislike about (click the picture to zoom)).

i can strongly recommend this. it’s so lovely and funny and sad and SO much more inspirational than stupid tumblr fitspo quotes. ♥


när jag var hemma på middag hos min vän johan härom dagen tvingade han på mig det här seriealbumet, the terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances. hade ingen aning om vad jag skulle förvänta mig, men sträckläste den iallafall på tunnelbanan hem och herregudars så himla träffande, roligt och sorgligt om löpning, om ursäkterna, om matspökena, om smärtan, om viljan att sluta. åh.

skrattade och grät typ om vartannat mitt på tunnelbanan alltså. läs den här om ni vill bli springsugna vettja, 100 gånger bättre än alla fitspo-floskler i hela världen.

★♥★24h with three superstars.★♥★

chrissy nastasja amanda.

finally finally finally came the weekend that was my only weekend in stockholm and the weekend i got to unite with these three geniuses! amanda, chrissy and nastasja. <33

chrissy nastasja amanda.

we started the friday night at la neta, nastasja’s fav place (btw LOVE that amanda and nastasja, the non-stockholmers, were like “let’s go here! and here! and there!” me and chrissy were just like K GUYS)

chrissy nastasja amanda.

tortillas om nom nom.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and finally we were all in a context where we all could take 1000 pictures of the food and each other without even hesitating about it being irritating or weird. blog life <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

so that’s what we did. ate and took pictures and talked and talked and kept the table occupied for hours until we realized that we maybe should leave. so we went bar hunting!

chrissy nastasja amanda.

BUT it was friday night on södermalm and literally everything was crowded. ssssoooooo we took the matter in our own hands and were like “nastasja … + hotel room … + candy … =!!!” and went to buy candy in these adorable little bags before heading over to scandic malmen where she was staying.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and just CHILLED THE @#*% OUT in her room.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

bed hangouts, candy n ~*girl talk*~

chrissy nastasja amanda.

about people, friendship, the internet, blog life and everything else for hours and hours.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

ugh, these kind, intelligent and fierce ladies, i literally CANNOT. best friday in forever <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

the morning after, we met up again, hehe.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

at the vegan feminist café FEMTOPIA in horstull. such a cool place.

chrissy nastasja amanda.

here, they serve for example vegan semlas, lattes with oat milk or that vegan cheddar and salami sandwich i blogged about yesterday. oh, and water from a tank labeled MALE TEARS. <3

chrissy nastasja amanda.

and, just like the previous day, we just talked the day away and suddenly like 5 hours had passed. omg. best 24h with sweden’s kickassest gals. ♥♥♥♥♥♥


ÅH. i helgen hände äntligen den helgen som var min enda helg i stockholm och även helgen då jag äntligen skulle få sammanstråla med dessa tre genier — chrissy, nastasja och amanda. <3

vi middagshängde på la neta i timvis och babblade och åt och fotade maten såklart. sen gick vi på en ofrivillig långpromenad pga kallt och alla barer = jättefulla. efter att ha funderat en stund kom vi fram till bästa lösningen -> lösgodis och hotellrumshäng på nastasjas rum på scandic malmen. alltså helt bäst. mys, babbel och godis i TIMVIS med dessa kloka, snälla, intelligenta och fullkomligt kickassiga brudarna. <3

morgonen efter möttes vi upp igen för häng på veganstället femtopia vid hornstull. precis som kvällen innan bara rann tiden iväg i en enda virvelvind av viktiga och fantastiska samtal (ackompanjerat av veganmackan jag visade er igår!). vi förevigade det hela med chrissys instax. bästa dygnet på så så länge. sån ynnest att få känna dessa personer!